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  1. The sales agreement commences on the date shown and shall remain continuous unless terminated under the below conditions in para 16.Termination of this contract must be done so in writing only.
  2. The customer shall not change the location of any contracted equipment without informing BAYtek Office Solutions Ltd (B.O.S) of its new location. B.O.S can offer a machine relocation service as a chargeable extra.
  3. B.O.S will service, repair and maintain the machine in accordance with the manufacturers recommended practice during this period.
  4. Should the machine fail during this contract as to be completely non-functional (for a period greater than 24 hours) then B.O.S will make reasonable effort to provide a loan machine as quickly as possible although cannot guarantee an exact specification match.
  5. B.O.S will not be liable for any loss of business, revenue or consequential loss arising to the loss of performance of the machine, nor the failure to render a service due to causes beyond their control.
  6. B.O.S will reserve the right to charge the customer for:

– Any call out, labour or damage caused by misuse, wilful neglect or unauthorised movement of the machine.
– Any call out, labour or damage caused by the incorrect use of consumables.
– Any call out, or labour incurred during ‘out of hours’ servicing without prior consent.

  1. Hard drive encryption (T1), Auto Toner Deployment (T2), Network/ IT Support (T3), Scan to Email – SMTP Support (T4). Please refer to ‘Vantage Plus’ booklet V1.6.
  2. Account service £9 per month covering dispatch service, personal call receipt, scanner maintenance, remote meter collection. See ‘Vantage Plus’ booklet v1.6 for more details.
  3. B.O.S normal hours of business are Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00.Additional times of service are available by prior request.
  4. The customer shall provide B.O.S with the machine meter readings at such time as requested.
  5. The copy charge is based on an A4 single click (A3 is a double click on the meter). Amachine usage minimum bill of £27.50 per month will apply.
  6. This agreement is subject to a standard annual cost review no sooner than 12 months after the date overleaf.Such pricing increment will be in line with current parts/consumable costing’s and market conditions. This review will be capped at 9.5% within any 12 month period. Written permission would be sought from the customer should any greater increase be necessary– in such circumstances the customer duly has the right to give 90 days written notice to terminate this agreement.
  7. Should B.O.S ever be sold as a ‘going concern’ then B.O.S reserve the right to transfer this agreement to the new owner(s) under the exact same agreement conditions.
  8. The customer will appoint a ‘key operator’ for each machine so as to aid other operators with basic functionality; performance and paper jam removal advice etc.
  9. All toners, staples & consumables directly related to the machine and provided by B.O.S shall remain the ownership and property of B.O.S at all times.
  10. This agreement shall be terminated only by:

– A notice period of no less than 12 months, laid down in writing. B.O.S reserve the right to charge for any potential loss of revenue due to early termination. This will be based on the average usage from the previous 12 months.
– By either party being involved in insolvency, bankruptcy or in possession of a Receiving Order served against them.

  1. The customer shall allow any service representative of B.O.S to enter the premises in order to repair, service, inspect or take meter readings from the machine during normal trading hours.
  2. The customer shall site the contracted equipment in accordance with manufacturer and BOS recommendations & to ensure this location is compliant with Health & Safety legislation as applicable to both user and service representatives.
  3. Spare sets of toner can be supplied with a refundable deposit.
  4. Remote monitoring (where applicable) – This free service offers automatic meter collections via unobtrusive software it will significantly reduce the administrative overhead for customers.
  5. Data Cleansing Service – BOSL offer a full deletion option of all data that maybe stored within the outgoing device. Please speak to your account manager for details.


BAYtek Office Solutions Ltd

BAYtek House
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Tel: 01626 833139
Email: enquiries@baytek.co.uk

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