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[accordion-item title=”Toner Replacement” state=closed]1. Open the top panel using the two side indents
2. Twist the toner that is running low (can be found at bottom of screen)
3. Pull out toner and put in new toner box
4. Insert new toner and twist it back into place[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”WTB Replacement” state=closed]1. Open top panel by pulling the two indents on either side
2. Push the two blue clips which will release the waste toner bottle and then put in new WTB box
3. Insert the new WTB to fit and push until you hear a click by the two blue clips[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Changing Paper” state=closed]1. Open tray that is empty as shown at bottom of screen and adjust blue toggles to match what paper you are inserting
2. Insert paper making sure that the edges are flat and that no edges are crinkled over[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Drop down tray, Bypass Tray, Manual Tray” state=closed]1. Pull down the bypass tray which is on the right side of the copier
2. Insert the paper roughly in the middle of the tray
3. Slide the two bars on either side so they are both touching
4. Go to the screen and it will ask what the thickness of the paper is usually best to go higher if unsure as it will take a bit longer but you won’t copying over to your next couple of prints.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Staples” state=closed]1. Open up the finished by using the indent on the right side
2. Pull out the bottom bit using the handle labelled SD1
3. The display with tell you which one is empty and pull the blue tag that matches the one that the display is showing
4. Once pulling the staple part out pull the two clips on either side as shown in image above
5. Then pull out the staple cartridge as shown above (this must be empty to let you pull it out)[/accordion-item]


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